Maybe the best present ever!…

1 Power Hour with me to share ideas and networking advice

Within this hour we discuss which two experts you will choose to have half hour sessions with.

Two thirty minute talks either by phone or zoom with two experts from my Little Black Book

I will feature you on my business page for a day to raise your profile which includes interviewing you on Streamyard


Cost £150.00

I’ve been a lurker of Sue’s group for a while and have attended a few of her events. But it wasn’t until February this year when I really got to know Sue and saw how her connections can help me turn my business around.

January 2021 was the bleakest month my business have ever experienced with 0 new clients coming through the door… pretty unheard of, in the personal training world. In February, I came across an advert Sue posted in her group “What if I could offer you a present box that could turn your business round? I would call upon the experts from my Little Black Book to help. Would you buy it?”. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one.

I told Sue, I wanted more visibility for more business. I wanted to appear in the press. Be confident going live on Facebook and Instagram. I wanted to reach more people.

Unsurprisingly, Sue knew the perfect experts for me.

Within three months, I had started seeing results. I was going live on my Facebook page everyday. I was featured in my local newspaper and then the national newspapers started taking an interest in me and my business. I even won a prestigious Personal Trainer of the Year award! Then April came and gyms reopened, a few weeks later, I was fully booked.

Sue’s business box is a game changer for my business and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Let’s talk about her events. Normally, I hate going to networking events because I’m an introvert and I feel uncomfortable in large crowds where I don’t know many people. But not Sue’s events. She is the perfect host! She comes and greet you as you arrive and immediately connect you with like-minded individuals that she feels you share something in common with. She even trawl your profile to find out more about you so that she can place you on a table with the right people.

Sue is incredibly passionate about building connections and helping entrepreneurs and small business owners build connections. She is the QUEEN of connections and definitely someone you will want in your business contacts.

Mandy Wong Oulton